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About inJoin

inJoin is a technology empowerment company with a culture of inclusivity. The goal is to work with customers to become infinite players in their field of trade - leveraging technology, best practices and human workflow to achieve this goal. We believe that solid foundations are key to building sustainable structures, and this is core to our service offering. Our intention is not to implement buzz-wordy technology that doesn’t align to your unique business needs.

The inJoin Team

The inJoin Team has extensive experience in Software Development, IT architecture, Business Intelligence, Project Management and Technology Implementation. The senior team members each have over 20 years ICT work experience. We offer a diverse skills set to ensure discernible services, best value for money and ensuring that services are delivered professionally and effectively with the customer's best interests in mind.

What connects this team is our common desire to deliver results and build solid business technology fundamentals to cater for future innovation.

Treating you and your team with the highest levels of humility and transparency is at the core of the inJoin Team; a common attribute that each team member possesses.

We work with our customers and technology partners to ensure that we a) deliver on time, b) on budget and c) derive the most value out of your technology investments. The team takes the time to analyze the customer’s needs, to ensure that proper technology systems and processes are implemented. We follow a personalised customer journey to facilitate implementation and put forward an adequate partnership model suitable for your business to ensure delivery.

inJoin’s Core Services

The value inJoin brings to you

Business Intelligence:

  • Big Data: We build big data environments to enable real-time decision making, Digital Transformation, AI & ML and Automated Driven Processes.
  • Live Data Stream: We enable Live Data for real time data-driven decision using the streaming of both structured and unstructured data feeds, anytime, anywhere.
  • Data Migration Strategy: Migration of big data to the cloud and enablement of hybrid & multi-cloud strategy. Making sure data is accessible and accurate globally.
  • API Design and Development: To enable sharing of data with employees and businesses (3rd parties).

Technology Solutions:

  • Software Development: We empower business strategies with fit for purpose Technology Solutions & Architecture; to enable initiatives such as Digital Transformation, Business Process Automation, Customer Service, Marketing, etc. This can be in form of web applications, mobile apps and games.
  • System Integration: Guide, design and build capabilities to enable system integration in order to speed up information flow, improve business operations & productivity.

inJoin’s Value Added Services

The added value inJoin brings to you

Enterprise Monitoring:

  • Enterprise Monitoring: We build capabilities to monitor movement of organisational data across platforms and applications. Monitoring is an often overlooked aspect of success in delivering value to clients. We are firm in our conviction that top to bottom and left to right monitoring will form an integral part of every delivered solution.

Project Empowerment Services:

  • Project Delivery Services: We provide recommendation and roadmap to move from current “as-is” state to “to-be” or desired outcome technology landscapes.
  • Project Execution Assistance: We support technology driven solutions through Project Management, Solution Evangelisation, Business Transitioning, Go-Live Support and Targeted Training.

The benefits of partnering with inJoin

Implementations based on best practices

Implementations are Done the Right Way, the First Time, and based on best practices.

Improve return on Technology investment

Improve return on Technology investment.

Technology is properly integrated and optimized

Technology is properly integrated and optimized.

Staff augmentation

Staff augmentation with experienced professionals to ensure that services are implemented seamlessly with minimal disruption to business operation.

Project management

Unambiguous & comprehensive project management planning and knowledge base fit for the customer’s environment.

Customer journey

Personalised customer journey to meet your unique business design and to increase service implementation success rate.

inJoin will ensure that you spend less time worrying about integrating technology, BI platforms and processes in your business so that you focus on achieving your business goals. The team will also help with transitioning to new solutions in your business, including post implementation. The desire is to make sure your organization does not have issues post implementation nor experience the common issue of technology abandonment.

inJoin Methodology

inJoin offers an implementation process with an experienced on-boarding team. Our team will
begin a streamlined process, tailored to your needs that in general will follow this approach:


  • Understand Business and Strategy
  • Technology Landscape and Usage
  • Team Dynamics


  • Project Implementation Approach
  • Roadmap
  • Critical Success Factors
  • Partnerships
  • Document Architecture

of Services

  • Project Management
  • Technology Delivery


  • Training
  • Change Management
  • Business Mentorship
  • Handover
  • Documentation

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